fatal encephalitis and myocarditis in young domestic geese (anser anser domesticus) caused by west nile virus.during 1999 and 2000, a disease outbreak of west nile (wn) virus occurred in humans, horses, and wild and zoological birds in the northeastern usa. in our experiments, wn virus infection of young domestic geese (anser anser domesticus) caused depression, weight loss, torticollis, opisthotonus, and death with accompanying encephalitis and myocarditis. based on this experimental study and a field outbreak in israel, wn virus is a disease threat to young goslings and viremia levels are potentially ...200111585545
serologic evidence for west nile virus infection in birds in the new york city vicinity during an outbreak in part of an investigation of an encephalitis outbreak in new york city, we sampled 430 birds, representing 18 species in four orders, during september 13-23, 1999, in queens and surrounding counties. overall, 33% were positive for west nile (wn) virus-neutralizing antibodies, and 0.5% were positive for st. louis encephalitis virus-neutralizing antibodies. by county, queens had the most seropositive birds for wn virus (50%); species with the greatest seropositivity for wn virus (sample sizes we ...200111585522
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