group a rotavirus in sewage samples from barcelona and cairo: emergence of unusual genotypes.the presence of rotavirus strains in sewage samples from cairo, egypt (november 1998 to october 1999), and barcelona, spain (november 1998 to december 2002), was investigated by using a generic molecular detection method based on amplification of a vp6 gene fragment. overall, 85.7 and 66.9% of the sewage samples from cairo and barcelona, respectively, were positive. positive samples were characterized further, and vp7 and vp4 genotypes were determined. although 30% of the positive samples from c ...200312839761
serotyping of group a rotaviruses in egyptian neonates and infants less than 1 year old with acute a human rotavirus g serotypes were detected in stool specimens from neonates and infants with and without acute diarrhea in cairo by using monoclonal antibodies in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. serotypes g1 and g4 predominated in all age groups. mixed (g1 plus g4) and nontypeable specimens represented 16.1 and 38.7% of the total number serotyped, respectively.19979350778
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