molecular characterisation of the rotavirus strains prevalent in maua, meru north, kenya.rotavirus is the most common cause of severe infantile diarrhoea disease in infants and young children below five years worldwide. rotavirus is associated with high cases of morbidity and mortality and it is estimated that up to 650,000 deaths in young children occur annually in the less developed countries and approximately 150,000-200,000 deaths occur in africa alone.200617089495
epidemiological study of the g serotype distribution of group a rotaviruses in kenya from 1991 to epidemiological study on the g serotype distribution of group a rotaviruses (garv) isolated in kenya was carried out in one urban hospital in nairobi and in two rural hospitals in nanyuki and kitui to clarify the prevalent g serotypes before future introduction of the ready licensed rotavirus vaccine in kenya. a total of 1,431 stool specimens were collected from children, who were mainly outpatients, aged from 0 to 6 years old with acute gastroenteritis from august 1991 to july 1994. samples ...199910447427
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