electrophoretic rna genomic profiles of rotavirus strains prevailing among hospitalized children with acute gastroenteritis in tehran, iran.human rotavirus has now been established as the most important cause of childhood gastroenteritis worldwide. the rna genomic electrophoretic diversity of group a rotavirus strains in tehran, iran, during april 2002 through march 2005, was investigated in 1250 stool specimens.200818759520
human rotavirus genotypes detection among hospitalized children, a study in tehran, iran.human rotavirus genotypes g1-g4, g9, p[4] and p[8] are major worldwide causes of acute gastroenteritis in children. rotavirus genotype g1p[8] is predominant in many countries. in this study, the genotypic diversity of group a rotaviruses were detected in children <5 years of age who were treated for dehydration and diarrhea in tehran, iran from october 2004 to september 2008.201121194260
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