i. prevalence of extrachromosomal drug resistance. changes in asusceptibility of selected pathogenic bacteria to widely used antibiotics. 19714398292
excursions into epidemiology: selected studies during the past four decades at boston city hospital. 19734577976
demonstration of r factors in enteric bacteria isolated at the boston city hospital. 19694899487
surveillance of infections in a community teaching hospital. 19714943702
potential use of shared antigens for immunization against gram-negative bacillary infections.the demonstration of common antigens shared by all enterobacteriaceae has led to evaluation of the effects of immunization of animals and man with these antigens in protecting against bacterial infections and challenge with lps. both active and passive immunization with the re mutant of s. minnesota and the j5 mutant of e. coli afforded significant protection to mice and rabbits against lethal challenge with viable bacteria and heterologous lps. kdo appears to be the antigenic determinant respon ...19806163155
gram-negative bacteremia. iii. reassessment of etiology, epidemiology and ecology in 612 patients.evaluation of 612 episodes of gram-negative bacteremia over a 10-year period demonstrated its progressively increasing frequency. this increase was associated with an increasing proportion of patients with more severe underlying disease, increasing patient age, increasing frequency of cardiac surgery and manipulative procedures, and increasing frequency of treatment with antibiotics, corticosteroids and antimetabolites in patients with bacteremia. fatality rates paralleled the severity of the ho ...19806987870
hospital-acquired infections and antibiotic usage in the boston city hospital--january, 1964. 196414187670
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