surveillance of gentamicin-resistant gram-negative bacilli in a general hospital.aerobic gram-negative bacilli isolated from clinical specimens from 1 january to 31 december 1976 were tested for gentamicin and tobramycin resistance by standardized disk testing. for pseudomonas isolates, gentamicin resistance was 17.1% and tobramycin resistance was 2.8%. for other gram-negative bacilli, gentamicin resistance was 5.5% and tobramycin resistance was 5.4%. seventy-four patients from whom gentamicin-resistant organisms were isolated from 1 january to 30 june 1976 were studied pros ...1978677859
urinary lithiasis in the black population: an epidemiological study and review of the literature.a retrospective review of 199 black patients with urinary calculi and review of the census figures of the index hospitals revealed that white patients had urinary calculi 3 to 4 times as often as black subjects. the black male-to-female ratio was 1 to 1.55 compared to a ratio for white patients of 2.3 to 1. calculi in black male subjects occur at a younger age than in black or white female or white male patients. the most common organisms cultured in black patients with stones were escherichia c ...19873599198
proteus mirabilis bacteremia: a review of 176 cases during 1980-1992.patients with proteus mirabilis bacteremia at a large community teaching hospital during a 13-year period (1980-1992) were retrospectively reviewed. there were 176 patients whereof 44 (25%) had polymicrobial bacteremia. the median age of patients was 75 years and 64.2% were 70 years or older. of the patients 56.8% came from a nursing home, 64.2% had an indwelling foley catheter, and 20.5% nosocomial bacteremia. the most common source of bacteremia was the urinary tract (52.8%) whereas the lower ...19947984964
erythromycin for the prophylactic control of infectious diarrhea in newborn pigs. 196414156999
polypoid cystitis in 17 dogs (1978-2001).polypoid cystitis is a rare disease of the urinary bladder in dogs characterized by inflammation, epithelial proliferation, and development of a polypoid mass or masses without histopathologic evidence of neoplasia. medical records of 17 dogs with polypoid cystitis were reviewed to determine the clinical and laboratory features of this disorder and to assess treatment and outcome. most affected dogs (15/17) were female and presented for evaluation of hematuria or recurrent urinary tract infectio ...200312892301
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