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a microbiologic survey of long term care urinary catheters.culture and sensitivity data were collected on over 500 isolates from indwelling urinary catheters in 23 nebraska long-term care facilities. four percent of all nursing home patients had indwelling urinary catheters. the prevalence of bacteriuria in catheterized patients was 79%., and the most frequent isolates were e. coli, proteus mirabilis, and enterococcus species. thirteen percent of catheterized patients were receiving systemic antibiotics, and 85% had at least one urinary bacterial isolat ...19911922551
microbiologic survey of long-term care facilities.we undertook a microbiologic survey of long-term care facilities to categorize bacteria found in cultures of residents. culture and sensitivity data were collected on 566 samples from indwelling bladder catheters, percutaneous gastrostomy tubes, nares, stool, wounds, pressure ulcers, and tracheostomies in 25 nebraska and iowa facilities. information was also collected on resident factors (eg, presence of indwelling urinary catheter, prior antibiotic administration) and institutional variables (e ...200010679131
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