relative frequency of nosocomial pathogens at a university hospital during the decade 1980 to 1989.we compared the relative frequency of pathogens isolated from 1985 to 1989 (n = 4358) with those isolated from 1980 to 1984 (n = 5290) in a university hospital to determine trends in the relative importance of pathogens causing nosocomial infection.19921524267
rocky mountain spotted fever. serological evidence of previous subclinical infection in children.serological tests for rocky mountain spotted fever were performed on single serum specimens from sixth graders from forsyth county, north carolina, an area highly endemic for this disease. five of 508 *.098%) sera were positive (titer greater than or equal to 1:64) using the indirect fluorescent antibody method. elevated proteus agglutination antibody titers (greater than 1:160) to ox-19, but not ot ox-2, were common (19.6%) in these children. no correlation of those with positive ox-19 titers c ...19826798859
outpatient antimicrobial susceptibility: comparison with inpatient susceptibility patterns.because specific outpatient epidemiologic data on the susceptibility of organisms are not readily available to guide empiric antibiotic therapy in the ambulatory setting, we reviewed all positive culture reports of clinical specimens (n = 935) isolated exclusively from outpatients of the eastern carolina family practice center over a 1-year period. eighty percent were from urine cultures, 12 percent from wound cultures, and 5 percent from sputum cultures. an antibiogram was developed that showed ...19892801189
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