[vibrio alginolyticus and swimmer's otitis externa. 2 cases and review of the literature].we describe two patients with acute diffuse external otitis (swimmer's otitis) acquired in the mediterranean shore, with vibrio alginolyticus recovered from ear fluid. we describe the biochemical profile and sensitivity pattern (mic) of both strains, comparing it to previously published data. a literature review was also performed, in which we found evidence for increasing concern of v. alginolyticus as an human pathogen. also there is a need for considering halophilic vibrio as potential pathog ...19911822155
fish: serologic evidence of infection with human pathogens.specific antibodies to several bacteria pathogenic to humans were detected in the serums of white perch from surface waters adjacent to heavily populated areas on chesapeake bay. white perch from surface waters adjacent to sparsely populated areas were free of such antibodies. we suggest that fish may become actively infected with human pathogens by exposure to contaminated water and may constitute a hazard to public health.19684965526
maternal welfare. 196514329562
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