identification and antimicrobial susceptibility of micro-organisms recovered from cutaneous lesions of human american tegumentary leishmaniasis in minas gerais, evaluation of the microbiota present in cutaneous ulcers from 31 patients with a clinical and parasitological diagnosis of american tegumentary leishmaniasis (atl) was carried out by the standard filter paper disc technique, including antimicrobial susceptibility of the bacterial isolates. microbial examination indicated that 21 patients (67.7%) were contaminated with one to four bacteria and some of them also with yeast. a total of 142 micro-organisms were isolated. staphylococcus aureus was ...200516192439
microbiologic profile of intra-abdominal infections at belo horizonte, brazil.intra-abdominal infections (iais) represent one of the most common clinical problems in hospital practice, especially in surgical areas and centers of intensive care. the treatment of iais generally involves the draining of abscesses and empirical antimicrobial therapy. in this study, among 150 patients suffering from iai, 106 (70.7%) yielded samples that presented microbial growth. polyinfection was detected in 51.9% of the cases and varied from 2 to 9 distinct microbes per specimen. the overal ...200312734518
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