[scrub typhus: an imported case seen in milan].the authors describe a scrub typhus case imported from indo-china and observed in milan, which is probably the first case reported in italy. the patient, on holiday journey, exposed herself unwisely to the danger of catching the infection. the diagnosis was based on clinical grounds and weil-felix reaction. the problems of the diagnosis reliability and of the imported diseases are briefly discussed as well.19892535243
spread of multidrug-resistant proteus mirabilis isolates producing an ampc-type beta-lactamase: epidemiology and clinical management.a remarkable increase in proteus mirabilis strains producing acquired ampc-type beta-lactamases (cbls) has been observed at ospedale di circolo e fondazione macchi (varese, italy) over the last few years. the epidemiology and treatment outcome of infections associated with this unprecedented spread are reported. from 2004-2006, 2070 p. mirabilis isolates were investigated. extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls) and cbl resistance determinants were identified by gene amplification and direct s ...200919095415
[epidemiology of esbl-positive enterobacteriaceae in mantova hospital (italy)].in a retrospective study concerning the epidemiology of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) positive enterobacteriaceae during 2007-2008 in the wards of the carlo poma hospital in mantova, mercurio surveillance software was used to detect alert microorganisms. our objective was to link the epidemiological data with the type of patient and ward, and to assess the risk factors for such infections in particular nosocomial environments. the study enabled the change in the relative epidemiologica ...200919838088
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