trends in fluoroquinolone (ciprofloxacin) resistance in enterobacteriaceae from bacteremias, england and wales, 1990-1999.the public health laboratory service receives antibiotic susceptibility data for bacteria from bloodstream infections from most hospitals in england and wales. these data were used to ascertain resistance trends to ciprofloxacin from 1990 through 1999 for the most prevalent gram-negative agents: escherichia coli, klebsiella spp., enterobacter spp., and proteus mirabilis. significant increases in resistance were observed for all four species groups. for e. coli, ciprofloxacin resistance rose from ...200211996681
xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis in childhood.demographic data, clinical presentation, associated abnormalities, and radiologic findings were evaluated to outline diagnostic criteria that may lead to the diagnosis of xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis in children.200111283885
sir frederick treves and sympathetic ophthalmia. 200414718303
a comparison of teicoplanin versus cephradine plus metronidazole in the prophylaxis of post-operative infection in vascular surgery.a total of 272 patients were enrolled into this prospective, unblinded, randomized comparison of single-dose teicoplanin vs three doses of cephradine plus metronidazole as prophylaxis for vascular surgery at st james's and seacroft hospitals, leeds, uk. in all, 71.3% of patients (194/272) were enrolled at st james's university hospital. patients received either a single dose of teicoplanin, 6 mg/kg i.v., or cephradine, 1 g i.v. with metronidazole, 1 g rectally, at induction of anaesthesia follow ...199910204127
elevation in anti-proteus antibodies in patients with rheumatoid arthritis from bermuda and determine whether patients with rheumatoid arthritis (ra) from bermuda and england have an increased anti-proteus antibody titer when compared to healthy bermudian and english controls, and to ascertain whether any increase in antibody titer is specific by testing 4 other microbes, escherichia coli and 3 normal anaerobic bowel bacteria.19958991977
typing of proteus from patients with bacteriuria.forty-five strains of proteus mirabilis isolated from hospital in-patients, out-patients and community patients with significant bacteriuria, were investigated to determine whether a predominant type was present using the dienes test. antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of the 45 strains of proteus mirabilis were also determined. there were 38 different dienes types which shows that there is no predominant type of proteus amongst the isolates examined in this study. this suggests that there i ...19968683538
a 16-month analysis of urinary tract infection in children.results of the examination of urine specimens with evidence of acute urinary tract infections from children aged 16 years and under in general practice were analysed during a period of 16 months. infections were much commoner in girls than in boys, with escherichia coli most frequently involved in both groups. urinary tract infections caused by proteus strains were predominantly associated with boys. infections in girls showed a higher incidence at 3, 6 and 16 years of age. possible reasons for ...19846363706
drug resistance and r factors in the bowel bacteria of london patients before and after admission to hospital.the content of drug-resistant coliform bacteria in faecal specimens collected before admission from patients awaiting non-urgent surgery were compared with specimens collected in hospital. resistant strains of escherichia coli were isolated from 52% of preadmission specimens and were present in large numbers in 28%. tetracycline, sulphonamide, and streptomycin resistance were commonest: 60% of resistant strains carried transmissible r factors and multiple resistance was commoner than single. no ...19694976456
speciation, serotyping, antimicrobial sensitivity and plasmid content of proteeae from the environment of calf-rearing units in south west england.a survey was undertaken of the occurrence, serotype, antimicrobial sensitivity and plasmid content of members of the tribe proteeae in the environment of two calf-rearing units in the county of avon in south west england. examples of the following species were found: proteus mirabilis, prot. vulgaris, prot. vulgaris biogroup 2, morganella morganii, providencia stuartii, prov. alcalifaciens and prov. rettgeri. a wide range of serotypes was found, many having been previously reported from nosocomi ...19863540110
the proteus syndrome: the elephant man diagnosed.sir frederick treves first showed joseph merrick, the famous elephant man, to the pathological society of london in 1884. a diagnosis of neurofibromatosis was suggested in 1909 and was widely accepted. there is no evidence, however, of café au lait spots or histological proof of neurofibromas. it is also clear that joseph merrick's manifestations were much more bizarre than those commonly seen in neurofibromatosis. evidence indicates that merrick suffered from the proteus syndrome and had the fo ...19863092979
a hospital outbreak caused by a chlorhexidine and antibiotic-resistant proteus outbreak of urinary-tract infection involving a strain of proteus mirabilis resistant to gentamicin and several other antibiotics affected 90 patients in southampton between july 1980 and may 1985. the outbreak strain was also resistant to chlorhexidine and this, in combination with the antibiogram and dienes' test, permitted differentiation from other p. mirabilis strains. the outbreak had features in common with other enterobacteriaceae outbreaks, although certain aspects of the population ...19872888806
the antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria isolated from the blood of patients in st thomas' hospital, 1969-1988.we have monitored the antibiotic sensitivity of bloodstream isolates of common bacteria over a period of 20 years. among the gram-positive bacteria, the proportion of isolates of staphylococcus aureus resistant to methicillin, erythromycin, fusidate, or gentamicin has increased marginally, while that of coagulase-negative staphylococci (mostly staph. epidermidis) has increased markedly. enterococci are becoming serially more resistant to high concentrations of aminoglycosides. the enterobacteria ...19902112124
the elephant man. 19911795079
sex-related incidence in proteus infection of the urinary tract in childhood.over a 2-year period 80% of children found to have significant proteus bacteriuria were boys. the organism was isolated from the prepuce in 30% of normal boys and 32% of those with balanitis. proteus urinary tract infection should be carefully confirmed and proved cases thoroughly investigated.19751108808
asymptomatic bacteriuria in schoolchildren in newcastle upon tyne.a screening survey for asymptomatic bacteriuria (asb) in 13464 schoolgirls aged 4 to 18 years in newcastle upon tyne showed an overall prevalence of 1.9%. in girls 4 to 6 years it was 1.4%, in girls aged 7 to 11 years it was 2.5%, in girls aged 12 to 18 years it was 1.6%, a statistically significant rise and fall. renal scarring was found in 39 (15%) of 254 girls with asb. neither the prevalence nor the severity of renal scarring increased with age. there was no association between asb and socia ...1975805569
pyogenic arthritis and rheumatoid disease: the importance of the infected foot.during a nine-year period (1968--76) 75 patients were admitted to coventry hospitals becaues of pyogenic arthritis. of these patients, 22 suffered from pre-existing rheumatoid disease, and in these the foot was the most common site of primary infection. adequate and energetic management of foot problems and associated skin sepsis in patients suffering from rheumatoid disease appears to offer the best opportunity of reducing the incidence of superimposed pyogenic arthritis.1978366718
isolation of escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and klebsiella from food in hospitals, canteens, and schools. 19714105171
proteus: the quiet sort. 19664161124
a review of urinary calculi in children in the bristol clinical area.we have undertaken a detailed retrospective study of urinary calculi in the bristol clinical area from 1950 to 1978. most calculi in children are detected in the upper urinary tract and the majority are associated with urinary infection. there were two predominant aetiological groups. first the children under 5 years of age, usually male, with a proteus infection and triple phosphate calculi of the staghorn type in the renal pelvis and calyces. of the 7 children with a sterile urinary tract in t ...19817202445
the weil-felix test: a survey of sera from the manchester area, 1963-66. 19675630778
symptomatic urinary infection in childhood: presentation during a four-year study in general practice and significance and outcome at seven years.thirty-eight children (12 boys and 26 girls) with symptomatic urinary infection have been studied in general practice. patients were collected over a four-year period and we report an incidence of urinary infection according to kass's criterion of 7.7 per 1,000 girls at risk per year and 3.8 per 1,000 boys at risk per year. eighty-four per cent of the children had symptoms which suggested an origin in the genitourinary tract. proteus infection was found in five of the boys and only one of the gi ...1977616858
neurognostics question. metamorphosis of a man: diagnosing joseph merrick. proteus syndrome. 201020446160
proteus igg antibodies and c-reactive protein in english, norwegian and spanish patients with rheumatoid arthritis.the distribution of proteus antibody levels was compared in english, norwegian and spanish patients with rheumatoid arthritis (ra). using an indirect immunofluorescence method, the igg antibody titre against proteus mirabilis was measured in the sera of 27 english, 53 norwegian and 34 spanish patients with ra and divided into active and inactive disease groups according to the serum c-reactive protein (crp) level (> or = 10 mg/l). serum samples were also collected from 25 english, 30 norwegian a ...199911206342
respiratory illness in factory and office workers. a study of minor respiratory illnesses in relation to changes in ventilatory capacity, sputum characteristics, and atmospheric pollution. 196514283437
effect of changing selection pressures on trimethoprim resistance in enterobacteriaceae.the incidence of trimethoprim resistance was correlated with changes in prescription behaviour in the nottingham area from 1978-1985. the prevalence of trimethoprim resistance among enterobacteriaceae isolated from patients with urinary tract infection rose from 5% to 15% of total strains examined. strains resistant to trimethoprim but susceptible to sulfamethoxazole appeared from 1980 onward and represented 35% of the total trimethoprim-resistant strains examined in 1985. co-trimoxazole (trimet ...19863490973
mastoiditis in children. 196414222850
bacteriaemia and bacteriogenic shock in district hospital urological practice.the incidence of bacteriaemia and bacteriogenic shock was studied in 2 series of patients undergoing urological procedures. in the first series (a), 52 of 4333 urological patients had symptoms of bacteriogenic shock. twenty-five of these had a positive blood culture, giving an incidence of shock with proven bacteriaemia of 0.58%. in the second series (b) 628 patients had blood cultures taken after urological procedures with an incidence of bacteriaemia of 12.7%. bacteriaemia is most common after ...19807426946
serious nosocomial infection caused by morganella morganii and proteus mirabilis in a cardiac surgery july and august 1981, five patients in the cardiac surgery unit of the bristol royal infirmary developed septicemia caused by morganella morganii, proteus mirabilis, or both of these species. three of the patients had serious wound infections, and three of the patients died. typing of the m. morganii isolates by o-serotyping and of the p. mirabilis isolates by o-serotyping, proticine production and sensitivity, and the dienes reaction confirmed cross infection by both species. although m. mor ...19836350354
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