[urinary infections. outpatient antibiotic sensitivity in the province of girona].to discover the level of autochthonous urinary microflora and their sensitivity to antimicrobials, at the primary care level.19921504220
mediterranean spotted fever: a cooperative study of 227 cases.the clinical manifestations of 227 cases of mediterranean spotted fever (boutonneuse fever) were reviewed, and the epidemiologic aspects of 170 cases from the vallés occidental region in the county of barcelona, spain, were analyzed. in this area an increase in the incidence of the disease has been noticed during the last several years. the patients evaluated presented with high fever and a generalized maculopapular rash. the tache noire at the site of the tick bite was seen in 166 cases (73%). ...19853903943
surveillance of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases from clinical samples and faecal carriers in barcelona, spain.the aim of the present study was to characterize and compare the extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing organisms isolated from clinical samples and faecal carriers in 2001 and 2002.200516244084
a study of the delayed hypersensitivity response in healthy people in spain: spanish national tables. national surgical infection committee of the association of spanish surgeons.with a view to creating national tables of the delayed hypersensitivity response, a total of 1476 healthy persons were studied at eight different locations in spain. for the measurement of delayed cellular immunity response, multitest imc was used. of those examined, 0.7% were anergic, 21.3 were relatively anergic, and 73 were immunocompetent. of the 766 men, 28 were relatively anergic and 3 were anergic, whereas of the 710 women, 14 were relatively anergic (p < .001) and 8% were anergic (p < .0 ...19938289413
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