serologic evidence of human infection by francisella tularensis in the population of castilla y león (spain) prior to 1997.prior to an outbreak in castilla y león in december 1997, tularaemia was practically non-existent in spain. in this paper we studied the prevalence of antibodies against francisella tularensis in a representative sample of the population (4825 people) from castilla y león (spain) in samples collected before this outbreak. antibodies against f. tularensis were detected in nine (0.19%) of the 4825 sera, with antibody titres ranging from 1/20 to 1/160. of these nine sera, one was positive in seroag ...200312628554
[etiology and antimicrobial susceptibility among uropathogens causing community-acquired lower urinary tract infections: a nationwide surveillance study].knowledge of antimicrobial susceptibility patterns is required to prescribe empirical therapy and formulate guidelines for the treatment of community-acquired urinary tract infections. this multicenter study assesses the etiology and antimicrobial susceptibility of the main community-acquired uropathogens in spain.200515701325
[prevalence of antibodies against francisella tularensis in castilla y león (spain) before 1997].the aim of this paper was determine the prevalence of antibodies against francisella tularensis in the representative sample of people from castilla-león (spain) before epidemic outbreak of end 1997.200312605730
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