serological evidence for the presence of rickettsial infections in parts of nigeria.weil-felix tests using ox19 and oxk proteus antigens reveal high antibody titers to oxk and ox19 antigens in patients reporting at the university of nigeria teaching hospital, enugu with clinical diagnosis of pyrexia of unknown origin. these findings suggest the presence of either or both scrub typhus fever and epidemic typhus fever in this community. while the advisablility of using other diagnostic techniques to support and confirm positive weil-felix reaction will be useful, it is felt that t ...1978582349
role of bacteria isolates in the spoilage of fermented african oil bean seed was carried out to determine the spoilage association of traditionally fermented ugba, product of african oil bean seed. samples were collected from three markets within enugu metropolis in eastern nigeria. microbial population of ugba was isolated, characterized and identified. effect of time on product quality, total viable cell count and individual growth pattern of isolates was evaluated. microorganisms isolated were proteus sp., klebsiella sp., staphylococcus epidermidis, e. coli, bac ...201021848074
bacteriology of wound infections in the surgical wards of a teaching hospital in enugu, nigeria.during a 24-month period, january 2001 - december 2002, 404 wound swabs from 390 patients made up of 280 from surgical wounds, 92 from ulcers and 32 from other wounds like lacerations and discharging sinuses were studied. the prevalence of bacterial organisms and their antibiotic susceptibility pattern was analyzed, using standard bacteriologic techniques. two hundred and sixty four organisms (69.8%) were isolated from surgical wounds, 82 (21.7%) from ulcers and 32 (8.5%) from other wounds. coli ...200718564650
childhood parapneumonic pleural effusion in review the epidemiological pattern and clinical features, management and outcome of childhood parapneumonic pleural effusion in enugu.200515827593
pathogenic organisms in chronic suppurative otitis media in enugu, nigeria.pathogenic organisms in chronic suppurative otitis media from 62 patients were identified. pseudomonas aeruginosa was responsible in 46%, staphylococcus aureus in 29%. proteus mirabilis in 13%, streptococcus pyogenes in 6%, aspergillus niger in 5% and mucor sp. in 2%. the most prevalent organism in children was staphylococcus aureus. the role of fungi in chronic suppurative otitis media is discussed.19836422594
prevalence of bacterial otitis media in primary school children in enugu surburb, enugu state, nigeria.out of a total school population of 3,070 pupils examined for discharging ear due to bacterial etiology, 44 (1.4%) had discharging ear. forty eight species of bacteria belonging to 5 genera were isolated. these included, staphylococcus aureus, 16 isolates; pseudomonas aeruginosa, 10; escherichia coli, 11; proteus species, 7; bacillus sp. 4. the highest prevalence of infection (3.0%) was recorded in central school akwuke, awkunanaw. analysis of the data showed that infection rate was highest amon ...19957495718
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