bacterial agents causing chronic suppurative otitis media.ear swabs from 350 patients with chronic otitis media attending different orthorhinolaryngological clinics at different hospitals and health centres in benin city and ekpoma in edo state were screened for the presence of bacterial agents of chronic otitis media. results revealed the presence of 19 different species indicating polymicrobial infections. species isolated comprised staphylococcus aureus (33.6%), pseudomonas aeruginosa (19.3%), proteus mirabilis (17%), alcaligenes faecalis (6.2%) and ...19957498006
antimicrobial activities of the volatile oils of ocimum bacilicum l. and ocimum gratissimum l. (lamiaceae) against some aerobic dental isolates.essential or volatile oils of plants have been variously reported to have many medicinal applications. their probable uses against oral microbes have received little attention. oral swabs obtained from eighteen dental patients at the university of benin teaching hospital, benin city, nigeria, led to the isolation of twenty nine bacteria. using standard methods, the microorganisms were identified as streptococcus viridians (16; representing 55.17%), staphylococcus albus (9; 31.04%), klebisiella p ...200919783520
potential for local and systemic bacterial infection in some occupational groups in benin city, nigeria.many third world countries may not have adequate facilities for rapid sensitivity testing of antibiotics as an aid to diagnosis and chemotherapy. it may therefore be valuable to relate bacterial carriage on the skin to type of work a person does.19921636931
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