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studies on well water and possible health risks in katsina, nigeria.well water was sampled from all four major wards in katsina town. all 20 samples taken showed high coliform counts. sixty-five per cent contained greater than or equal to 2400 coliforms per 100 ml while the remainder had counts ranging from 79 to 920. faecal coliforms and non-cholera vibrios were detected in all samples. there was no significant relationship between the coliform counts and the distances of latrines to wells, water table to ground level, slope relationship between wells and latri ...19836833745
epidemiological features of an outbreak of gastroenteritis/cholera in katsina, northern april 1982, katsina, in northern nigeria, was affected by an outbreak of gastroenteritis associated with vibrio cholerae serotype 'ogawa' and 662 patients were admitted to the katsina general hospital during a 16-week period. the outbreak affected all ages and both sexes and all parts of the town and its immediate surroundings except the government residential area (gra). the overall case fatality rate was 7.7%. male specific case fatality and female specific case fatality rates were 9.7 and ...19836886407
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