antibiotic resistance in australia with special reference to sulbactam/ampicillin.a survey of antibiotic resistance in australian states was undertaken by the microbiology quality assurance program of the royal college of pathologists of australasia. data were obtained from hospitals and private pathology laboratories serving both in-patients and out-patients at community hospitals. the study showed that resistance varied from state to state; it was highest in the eastern states of new south wales, victoria, and queensland, and lowest in tasmania and western australia. in sou ...19892591174
oropharyngeal microflora in aboriginal and non-aboriginal australian children. an indicator of environmental contamination.faecal microorganisms, not normally resident in the oropharynx, were isolated much more often from aboriginal than non-aboriginal australian children. this is almost certainly due to differences in standards of hygiene and living in these two groups, and is an important factor in contributing to the common and serious problem of gastrointestinal infections in young aborigines. in the non-aboriginal group, the isolations of faecal organisms were much more common from infants and from children und ...1979117289
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