[chemotherapeutic effectiveness of rifampicin in experimental infections].studies on the chemotherapeutic action of rifampicin in treatment of staphylococcal sepsis and sepsis caused by gramnegative organisms showed its high efficacy only in treatment of the staphylococcal infection. by the level of its efficacy rifampicin was much superior to benzylpenicillin and especially tetracycline. no difference in the activity level of the antibiotic in treatment of staphylococcal infections caused by sensitive and multiple resistant staphylococcal strains was found. in treatm ...1976793516
[clinical x-ray characteristics of acute suppurative destructions of the lungs of a nonstaphylococcal nature in children].the authors conducted complex clinico-roentgenological and immuno-bacteriological studies in 63 children, aged from 14 days to 14 years, with acute suppurative destructions of the lung, complicated with the development of pyothorax. as a result of these investigations, it was found that clinico-roentgenological symptomatics in children with acute suppurative destructions of the lung of the non-staphylococcal nature (proteus, pyocyanic bacillus and others) show evident peculiarities and differ fr ...19751198828
[molecular mechanisms of cephalosporin resistance in gram-negative bacteria of the enterobacteriaceae family].extended spectrum beta lactamase genes were detected by the pcr in 87.6% of 231 enterobacteriaceae strains isolated in medical institutions of moscow, st. petersburg, tomsk and nazran that showed a decrease in their susceptibility to 3rd generation cephalosporins. alone or in various combinations tem type beta lactamases were detected in 43.3% of the isolates, 46.8 and 51.2% of the isolates produced shv type and ctx type beta lactamases respectively. combinations of 2 and 3 different determinant ...200415344391
[bacteriological monitoring of infective agents of purulent septic diseases in an emergency hospital].during the period of 1995-2001 bacteriological examination of 13,842 patients with purulent septic diseases (psd) was carried out. the statistical processing of data revealed that equalization of the dynamic rows of intensive and extensive values characterizing the number of patients with psd caused by etiologically important infective agents made it possible to evaluate the reliability of information. a trend to increased etiological importance of the genera pseudomonas, escherichia and klebsie ...200312630345
[initial experience with prophylactic proteus vaccine immunization in an emergency clinic].as early as the first 24 hours since a severe isolated locomotor trauma the patients were immunized with proteus vaccine. such vaccination is shown to stimulate the production of serum specific antibodies, to reduce contamination of the wound with gram-negative agents, to shorten hospital stay and healing of the wound versus subjects vaccinated with staphylococcal anatoxin and nonimmunized patients.19902283824
[microflora of the pus of lactation mastitis patients and its sensitivity to a series of antibiotics].the etiological picture of lactation mastitis and sensitivity of its causative agent to some antibiotics were studied. mostly microbial associations were isolated from the patients. pathogenic staphylococci typed mainly by the phages of group i predominated among the isolates. in addition the strains of proteus, pseudomonas, e. coli and others were isolated from the pus of the mastitis cases. sensitivity of the microflora to some antibiotics was studied. it was found that most of the causative a ...1975773286
[the characteristics of the chemical composition and structure of urinary stones and their prevalence in the cities of moscow, berlin and of the kirghiz ssr].the authors studied the features of urolithiasis in three different geographical regions: moscow, the kirghiz ssr, and berlin from the findings of examination of the composition and structure of uroliths removed by operation or passed spontaneously, (602 concrements from moscow, 10,000 from berlin, and 127 from kirghizia). x-ray diffraction measurement, infrared spectrophotometry, and polarizing microscopy were conducted to analyze the composition and structure of the stones. complex biochemical ...19902148236
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