surveillance of antibiotic resistance in south east asia.antibiotic resistance in gram-negative bacteria, particularly salmonella and shigella, requires surveillance worldwide. this study describes results of surveys in hong kong, bangkok and kuala lumpur. all strains were isolated in hospitals which have large community catchment areas in addition to specialised hospital units. the prevalence of resistant strains was high in all areas. gram-negative bacteria such as enterobacter associated with hospital infections were resistant to penicillins and ce ...19892504618
isolations of enteric pathogens from synanthropic flies trapped in downtown kuala lumpur.four species of synanthropic flies were trapped in downtown kuala lumpur: chrysomya megacephala, chrysomya rufifacies, musca domestica, and musca sorbens. burkholderia pseudomallei, the organism causing melioidosis, was the dominant bacteria isolated from chrysomya megacephala. klebsiella oxytoca, commonly associated with nosocomial infections, was commonly isolated from chrysomya megacephala, musca domestica, and musca sorbens. aeromonas hydrophila, the bacteria causing gastroenteritis, was pre ...200010925800
microbiology of diabetic foot infections in a teaching hospital in malaysia: a retrospective study of 194 cases.diabetes mellitus is a progressive disease with chronic complications. foot infections are a major complication of diabetes and eventually lead to development of gangrene and lower extremity amputation. the microbiological characteristics of diabetic foot infections have not been extensively studied in malaysia. this study investigated the microbiology of diabetic foot infections and their resistance to antibiotics in patients with diabetic foot infections treated at university of malaya medical ...200717332905
detection of protozoan and bacterial pathogens of public health importance in faeces of corvus spp. (large-billed crow).parasites and bacteria are reported in the faeces of birds in the current study. fresh faecal samples of the large-billed crow (corvus spp.) were collected from the study site at bangsar, an urban setting in kuala lumpur, malaysia. these samples were transported to laboratory and analysed for parasites and bacteria. pre-prepared xld agar plates were used for culturing the bacteria in the laboratory. using the api 20etm test strips, 9 different species of bacteria were identified belonging to the ...200818948884
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