chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of the leaves of feronia elephantum (rutaceae) from north west karnataka.the essential oil of the leaves of feronia elephantum corr. was analyzed by gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. the main constituents were beta-pinene (28.4%), z-anethole (22.1%), methyl chavicol (12.0%) and e-anethole (8.1%), among thirty-three identified compounds, which represented 92.6% of the total oil. the antimicrobial activity was tested against five gram-positive and eight gram-negative bacteria, and four fungi. the oil was active against micrococcus luteus (gra ...201121366066
reservoirs of nosocomial pathogens in neonatal intensive care unit.a total of 256 swabs taken from different areas of neonatal intensive care units (icu) in kcg hospital and amc hospital, bangalore were bacteriologically investigated for prevalence, source and spread of nosocomial bacteria. culture studies revealed growth in 217 (84.8%) swab samples indicating considerable contamination of different areas of the units and sources of infection. klebsiella pneumoniae (27.3%) was the predominant organism followed by esch coli (16.8%), staph aureus (11.7%), staph e ...19979212573
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