[the incidence of extended spectrum beta-lactamases in proteus mirabilis strains isolated in 2007-2009].proteus sp. rods are opportunistic human pathogens, isolated mainly from urinary tract infections. they are naturally susceptible to most antimicrobials. however, acquisition of genes for extended spectrum beta-lactamases on plasmids and irrational antimicrobial treatment increase amount of multidrug resistant strains and lead to their selection. the aim of this study was to evaluate production of esbls by double disc synergy test and antimicrobial susceptibility of p mirabilis strains by disc d ...201020976952
[prevalence of multidrug-resistant proteus spp. strains in clinical specimens and their susceptibility to antibiotics].proteus sp. are opportunistic microorganisms which cause urinary tract and wounds infections, bacteriaemia and sepsis. the aim of this study was analysis of prevalence of multidrug-resistant proteus sp. strains in clinical specimens and evaluation of their susceptibility to selected antibiotics. the study was carried out of 1499 proteus sp. strains were isolated in 2000-2003 from patients of departments and dispensaries of the university hospital cm in bydgoszcz umk in torun. the strains were id ...200516134389
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