epidemiology of infectious keratoconjunctivitis in cattle in south-east ethiopia.the aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of infectious keratoconjunctivitis on cross-breed dairy farms and to evaluate factors that influence its distribution. a total of 11 dairy farms and one cattle cross-breeding farm in different parts of arsi region, south-east ethiopia were clinically and bacteriologically investigated from february 1989 to december 1990. out of 5221 local zebu and cross-breed dairy animals, 110 were found to have different degrees of infectious bovine keratoco ...200010842466
antimicrobial resistance patterns of clinical bacterial isolates in southwestern ethiopia.the aim of this study was to assess the pattern of bacterial resistance to antimicrobial agents in a hospital setting in southwest ethiopia.200718326346
catheterized and non-catheterized urinary tract infections among patients attended at jimma university teaching hospital, southwest, ethiopia.prospective cross sectional study was undertaken to assess the bacterial profile and antimicrobial resistance pattern of catheterized urinary tract infection in comparison with non-catheterized uti in jimma university teaching hospital, southwest, ethiopia.200818711990
multiple antimicrobial resistance in gram negative bacilli isolated from clinical specimens, jimma hospital, southwest ethiopia.a total of 413 clinical specimens (pus, blood, urine, and stool) collected from patients admitted to jimma hospital were cultured for isolation and identification of aerobic bacteria and antimicrobial susceptibility testing. out of these, 124 specimens yielded one or more gram-negative bacilli strains. frequent gram negative bacterial isolates were proteus species 34(27%), klebsiella species 26(21%), enterobacter species 24(19%), and e. coli 24(19%). antimicrobial susceptibility test results sho ...200112380230
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