bacteriology of chronic otitis media in dar es salaam, determine the aetiology of chronic otitis media (com) in dar es salaam and to find out the shelf life of boric acid in spirit ear drops (baised).200010944833
susceptibility pattern of uropathogenic gram negative bacilli to antimicrobial chemotherapeutic agents in a national hospital in dar es a period of two months, 232 consecutive urinary tract pathogens were isolated from hospitalised and non-hospitalised patients. among the isolates, 200 (86.2%) were gram negative bacilli, including e. coli 109 (54.5%), klebsiella species, 44 (22.5%), enterobacter species 19 (9.5%), proteus species 18 (9%), morganella morganii 9 (4.5%) and salmonella typhimurium, one (0.5%). antimicrobial susceptibility testing to amoxycillin/clavulanic acid, nitrofurantoin, gentamicin and cefuroxime was perfor ...19979185413
the incidence and pattern of sepsis among general surgical in-patients at muhimbili hospital, dar es salaam, 1973. 1976939182
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