search for the origin of multiple sclerosis by first identifying the intensive study of environmental conditions during the final stages in an active cluster area, an attempt is made to crack the enigmatic deadlock concerning the origin and etiological cause of multiple sclerosis (ms). previous investigations of other cluster areas have emphasized the probability that the outbreaks of ms were most likely caused by an unknown exogenous environmental agent, but unfortunately, the studies were conducted several years after the epidemics had occurred, making it vi ...19921316536
complex role of gamma-herpesviruses in multiple sclerosis and infectious mononucleosis.various researchers over the past few years have demonstrated higher titers and higher incidence rates of epstein-barr virus (ebv) antibodies in multiple sclerosis (ms) patients compared to controls. these findings were tentatively attributed to immunoregulation abnormalities of ms or perhaps to some other relationship with the ms syndrome yet to be determined. meanwhile, an intensive environmental investigation of the key west cluster just before it ended and for two years afterwards produced t ...19937907407
case report. a marek's disease-like condition in florida turkeys. 19705466097
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