estimating the effectiveness of tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis vaccine (tdap) for preventing pertussis: evidence of rapidly waning immunity and difference in effectiveness by tdap brand.we estimated the vaccine effectiveness (ve) of tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis vaccine (tdap) for preventing pertussis among adolescents during a statewide outbreak of pertussis in wisconsin during 2012.201424903664
using a bayesian latent class model to evaluate the utility of investigating persons with negative polymerase chain reaction results for pertussis.pertussis remains difficult to control. imperfect sensitivity of diagnostic tests and lack of specific guidance regarding interpretation of negative test results among patients with compatible symptoms may contribute to its spread. in this study, we examined whether additional pertussis cases could be identified if persons with negative pertussis test results were routinely investigated. we conducted interviews among 250 subjects aged ≤18 years with pertussis polymerase chain reaction (pcr) resu ...201323735308
harmonization of bordetella pertussis real-time pcr diagnostics in the united states in 2012.real-time pcr (rt-pcr) is an important diagnostic tool for the identification of bordetella pertussis, bordetella holmesii, and bordetella parapertussis. most u.s. public health laboratories (usphls) target is481, present in 218 to 238 copies in the b. pertussis genome and 32 to 65 copies in b. holmesii. the cdc developed a multitarget pcr assay to differentiate b. pertussis, b. holmesii, and b. parapertussis and provided protocols and training to 19 usphls. the 2012 performance exercise (pe) as ...201425355770
a countywide outbreak of pertussis: initial transmission in a high school weight room with subsequent substantial impact on adolescents and describe a large communitywide pertussis outbreak where aggressive diagnostic and treatment measures were used to control the outbreak.200818180417
widespread bordetella parapertussis infections-wisconsin, 2011-2012: clinical and epidemiologic features and antibiotic use for treatment and prevention.during october 2011-december 2012, concurrent with a statewide pertussis outbreak, 443 bordetella parapertussis infections were reported among wisconsin residents. we examined clinical features of patients with parapertussis and the effect of antibiotic use for treatment and prevention.201526113655
a pertussis outbreak in a wisconsin nursing home.the epidemiologic features and clinical spectrum of pertussis in the elderly are poorly understood. in october 1985, the wisconsin division of health investigated an outbreak of pertussis in residents of a nursing home in rural wisconsin. clinical information and nasopharyngeal swab and acute- and convalescent-phase serum specimens were obtained from all consenting residents and employees. of 105 residents, 38 (36.2%) were seropositive, including four who were culture-positive for bordetella per ...19911894932
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