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bordetella pertussis in new york state 1972-1982. 19862871537
costs of illness due to bordetella pertussis in assess costs of pertussis morbidity among families in a community setting.200011115197
issues associated with and recommendations for using pcr to detect outbreaks of pertussis.two outbreaks of respiratory tract illness associated with prolonged cough occurring in 1998 and 1999 in new york state were investigated. a pcr test for bordetella pertussis was primarily used by a private laboratory to confirm 680 pertussis cases. several clinical specimens had positive culture results for b. pertussis during both outbreaks, which confirmed that b. pertussis was circulating during the outbreaks. however, testing by the new york state department of health reference laboratory s ...200212149333
pertussis diagnoses among service members and other beneficiaries of the u.s. military health system, january 2005-june 2012.pertussis ("whooping cough") is a highly infectious respiratory disease caused by the bacterium bordetella pertussis. individuals at highest risk are infants and unvaccinated children; however, there have been recent increases in incidence among adolescent and young adult populations in the united states. during the surveillance period, there were 476 confirmed and 3,073 probable cases of pertussis among u.s. military members and other beneficiaries of the u.s. military health system. among serv ...201222963256
pertactin-negative variants of bordetella pertussis in new york state: a retrospective analysis, 2004-2013.the first report of pertactin-negative variants of bordetella pertussis in the united states has raised questions about the role of acellular pertussis vaccines in the recent increase of pertussis cases. our laboratory utilized a sequence-based method to identify mutations in the pertactin gene responsible for these variants and assessed vaccination status from the associated cases.201424365130
elevated pertussis reporting in response to 2011-2012 outbreak, new york city, new york, usa. 201627191867
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