use of mass tdap vaccination to control an outbreak of pertussis in a high school--cook county, illinois, september 2006-january 2007.on september 6, 2006, the cook county department of public health (ccdph) was notified that a local high school student aged 17 years had pertussis. during september 2006-january 2007, 36 pertussis cases directly linked to the high school were identified. because bordetella pertussis immunity from childhood vaccinations wanes over time, outbreaks of pertussis can periodically occur among students and staff at middle and high schools. school settings facilitate transmission of pertussis, disrupti ...200818650787
concurrent outbreaks of pertussis and mycoplasma pneumoniae infection: clinical and epidemiological characteristics of illnesses manifested by cough.concurrent outbreaks of illnesses that were manifested by cough and that were suspected to be due to bordetella pertussis and mycoplasma pneumoniae infection were investigated in a midwestern town in illinois. three studies were conducted: questionnaires on the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of illness were administered to patients; serological tests were performed to confirm the presence of each pathogen and to develop case definitions for each illness; and case definitions were a ...19957756486
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