seroprevalence of bordetella pertussis antibodies in flanders (belgium).to determine age-dependent pertussis immune response in the flemish population, antibody levels to pertactin (prn), pertussis toxin (pt) and filamentous hemagglutinin (fha) were measured in serum samples from 1622 healthy 1-100-year-old subjects. for anti-prn and anti-pt antibodies, peaks in gmts were seen in infancy and again in the 10-15-year age group. after age of 20 years, anti-prn gmt declined rapidly over a decade, followed by a slower decline. anti-fha gmt tended to rather increase progr ...200312744872
epidemiology of pertussis in children of flanders belgium: can healthcare professionals be involved in the infection?pertussis is a communicable disease whose registration incidence in the flemish region of belgium has increased since 2003. originally, this increment was obvious only in the province of antwerp, but since 2012, there has also been an increase in the registered cases of pertussis in other flemish provinces. the overall registration incidence for pertussis in flanders was 5·6 per 100‚ÄČ000 in 2012. the majority of these cases were identified among young children, but older children and adults were ...201424724749
bordetella pertussis seroprevalence in belgian adults aged 20-39 years, 2012.summary the last report on pertussis seroprevalence in belgium concerned samples collected during 1993-1994. in the context of the eupert-labnet wp6 seroprevalence study (comparing sera from 16 european member states), 1500 anonymized leftover diagnostic samples were collected randomly during the second semester of 2012 by the clinical chemistry laboratories of six participating belgian centres, distributed equally between flanders, wallonia and brussels capital region. as suggested by the wp6 o ...201424073712
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