bordetella pertussis seroprevalence in belgian adults aged 20-39 years, 2012.summary the last report on pertussis seroprevalence in belgium concerned samples collected during 1993-1994. in the context of the eupert-labnet wp6 seroprevalence study (comparing sera from 16 european member states), 1500 anonymized leftover diagnostic samples were collected randomly during the second semester of 2012 by the clinical chemistry laboratories of six participating belgian centres, distributed equally between flanders, wallonia and brussels capital region. as suggested by the wp6 o ...201424073712
jules bordet (1870-1961): a bridge between early and modern immunology.jules bordet, a pioneering immunologist, lived until the dawn of molecular immunology. he was born in belgium in 1870, obtained a medical degree in 1892, worked at l'institut pasteur in paris from 1894 to 1901 and then established the pasteur institute of brabant in brussels. before world war i, bordet found that complement binds to antibody-antigen complexes regardless of the antigen or antibodies involved. subsequently he developed the complement fixation test that was of diagnostic importance ...200920029083
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