retrospective analysis of plasmid patterns in a study of burn unit outbreaks of infection due to enterobacter evaluate the usefulness of plasmid pattern analysis as an epidemiologic tool and to determine the mechanism of resistance to silver sulfadiazine and mafenide acetate, silver sulfadiazine-resistant, mafenide acetate-resistant enterobacter cloacae isolates from a 1976 outbreak of infections in a burn unit (group i) were analyzed retrospectively. these strains were compared with various e cloacae isolates (groups ii-v), including e cloacae isolates from a more recent (1982) burn unit outbreak (g ...19836886483
enterobacter cloacae septicemia in a burn center: epidemiology and control of an outbreak of infections due to enterobacter cloacae occurred in the burn center at the medical college of virginia (richmond, virginia) in 1976. fifteen patients had bacteremia due to e. cloacae; 10 cases of bacteremia occurred during a six-week period in january and february. the development of bacteremia was significantly related to the extent of third-degree burn and to admission to the burn center in january and february but not to the presence of an intravenous cannula, underlying disease ...1979438531
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