enterobacter cloacae bloodstream infections associated with contaminated prefilled saline syringes--california, november 1998. 19989867522
prevalences of zoonotic bacteria among seabirds in rehabilitation centers along the pacific coast of california and washington, usa.many seabirds are rehabilitated annually by wildlife rehabilitation centers along the pacific coast, usa. although various strains of zoonotic bacteria have been isolated from seabirds, risks to rehabilitators at these centers have not been well documented. from november 2001 through january 2003, we determined the prevalence of detectable enteric fauna by isolation and characterization of gram-negative bacteria from cloacal swabs taken from 26 common murres (uria aalge), 49 gulls (larus spp.), ...200516456162
characterization of an extended-spectrum beta-lactamase enterobacter hormaechei nosocomial outbreak, and other enterobacter hormaechei misidentified as cronobacter (enterobacter) sakazakii.enterobacter hormaechei is a gram-negative bacterium within the enterobacter cloacae complex, and has been shown to be of clinical significance by causing nosocomial infections, including sepsis. ent. hormaechei is spread via horizontal transfer and is often associated with extended-spectrum beta-lactamase production, which increases the challenges associated with treatment by limiting therapeutic options. this report considers 10 strains of ent. hormaechei (identified by 16s rdna sequencing) th ...200819047733
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