bloodstream infections in a neonatal intensive-care unit: 12 years' experience with an antibiotic control assess the prevalence of gram-positive coccal (gpc), gram-negative bacillary (gnb), and fungal blood-stream infections (bsis) during a 12-year period in which a consistent antibiotic treatment protocol was in place; to evaluate the efficacy of these antibiotic policies in relation to treatment, to the emergence of bacterial or fungal resistance, and to the occurrence of infection outbreaks or epidemics.199910219874
novel plasmid-mediated beta-lactamase in members of the family enterobacteriaceae from ohio.epidemiologic studies of plasmid-mediated resistance at the cleveland veterans administration medical center revealed that related plasmids had disseminated among members of the family enterobacteriaceae. we studied the beta-lactamases encoded by these plasmids in escherichia coli c600 transformants or transconjugants. substrate and inhibition profiles of the enzymes determined by two of these plasmids suggested an activity resembling tem-1; however, isoelectric focusing revealed a pi of 7.0. th ...19863490215
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