burkholderia cepacia infections associated with intrinsically contaminated ultrasound gel: the role of microbial degradation of describe an outbreak of serious nosocomial burkholderia cepacia infections occurring after transrectal prostate biopsy associated with ultrasound gel intrinsically contaminated with paraben-degrading microorganisms.200415108725
klebsiella species associated with bovine mastitis in newfoundland.klebsiella spp. is a common cause of bovine mastitis, but information regarding its molecular epidemiology is lacking from many parts of the world. on using mass spectrometry and partial sequencing of the rpob gene, it was found that over a one year study, k. variicola and enterobacter cloacae were misidentified as k. pneumoniae in a small number of clinical mastitis (cm) cases from newfoundland. results suggest that the currently used standard biochemical/phenotypic tests lack the sensitivity r ...201425180510
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