epidemiologic and genotypic review of carbapenemase-producing organisms in british columbia, canada, between 2008 and 2014.carbapenemase-producing organisms (cpos) are a serious emerging problem for health care facilities worldwide. owing to their resistance to most antimicrobial therapies, cpos are difficult to treat and pose a challenge for infection prevention and control. since 2010, lab-based surveillance for cpos and pcr-based testing were implemented in british columbia (bc), canada. a review of cpos in bc from 2008 to march 2014 was done to characterize the resistance mechanisms and possible clonal strain tr ...201626607987
identification of a novel fosfomycin resistance gene (fosa2) in enterobacter cloacae from the salmon river, investigate the occurrence of fosfomycin-resistant (fos(r) ) bacteria in aquatic environments.201121392044
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