burkholderia cepacia infections associated with intrinsically contaminated ultrasound gel: the role of microbial degradation of describe an outbreak of serious nosocomial burkholderia cepacia infections occurring after transrectal prostate biopsy associated with ultrasound gel intrinsically contaminated with paraben-degrading microorganisms.200415108725
travel-related carbapenemase-producing gram-negative bacteria in alberta, canada: the first 3 years.we describe here the characteristics of alberta, canada, patients with infections or colonizations with carbapenemase-producing gram-negative bacteria during 2010 to 2013 that were linked to recent travel outside canada. antimicrobial susceptibility was determined by broth microdilution, and isolates were characterized using pcr, sequencing, and multilocus sequencing typing. a broth mating study was used to assess the transferability of resistance plasmids, which were subsequently characterized. ...201424599977
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