transfer of amikacin resistance by closely related plasmids in members of the family enterobacteriaceae isolated in chile.during a 9-month period when amikacin was the sole aminoglycoside used clinically in a hospital in santiago, chile, resistance to amikacin and other antibiotics was encountered in 42 strains of the family enterobacteriaceae, including escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, citrobacter freundii, enterobacter cloacae, serratia marcescens, and serratia liquefaciens. amikacin resistance was transferable by conjugation and carried by incm plasmids ranging in size from ca. 48.4 to 58.1 kilobase pair ...19863015007
[detection of serinocarbapenemases class a and other mechanisms of enzymatic resistance to β-lactams in enterobacteria strains with diminished susceptibility to carbapenems isolated of patients in a university hospital].the emergence of carbapenemase mediated resistance in enterobacteriaceae has a strong clinical impact. this study aimed to do a genotypic and phenotypic characterization of the enzymatic resistance to β-lactams in clinical enterobacteriaceae isolates with decreased susceptibility to carbapenems in a university medical center in santiago.201425679924
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