studies with the schistosomicide oxamniquine (uk-4271). ii. activity in primates. 19734205106
stage and species specificity of antigens encoded by two geographic strains of schistosoma mansoni mrna.proteins translated in vitro from schistosoma mansoni adult worm mrna were assessed for their antigenic specificities compared to different stages, strains and species of the parasite. rna was extracted from both puerto rican and brazilian parasites and directed the synthesis of high molecular weight proteins. preabsorption of immune human serum with schistosomula was used to determine whether the in vitro translated proteins contained antigens shared between the adult and this immature stage. t ...19863091803
cost of snail the last 10 years, there has been general agreement that niclosamide (bayluscide) is the preferred molluscicide for control of the snails transmitting schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma haematobium. this chemical has been widely tested in pilot projects and is in use in expanded control projects in brazil, puerto rico, egypt, iran, and other countries. a comparison of the results from six pilot projects in these countries was analyzed with particular attention to the costs of the programs, s ...1979107817
studies with the schistosomicide oxamniquine (uk-4271). i. activity in rodents and in vitro. 19734779114
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