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[human intestinal parasites in subsaharan africa. ii. sao tomé and principe].in 1983 the authors carried out a survey in the democratic republic of são tomé and principe, analysing 1050 specimens of stools collected among the population from apparently healthy subjects chosen at random and in a number proportional to the distribution of the population in the regions of the country (about 1% of the population was examined). the examined subjects were divided into 3 age groups (0-3, 4-12, more than 12 years old), to have homogeneous groups in relation principally to modali ...19873508506
the snail host of schistosomiasis in são tomé. 19892515638
morphometric variability of schistosoma intercalatum eggs: a diagnostic dilemma.variability of schistosoma intercalatum eggs in shape and size, and their similarity to those of s. haematobium presented a problem of species identification when egg morphology was the diagnostic criterion used in a study of human schistosomiasis conducted on são tomé and principe. more than 2500 egg measurements were obtained by light micoscopy to gather data relating to size variability of s. intercalatum eggs, to evaluate whether factors such as age of host, sex of host and intensity of infe ...19968960204
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