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[epidemiological study of schistosomes in a coastal lake of recent formation].parasitological and malacological surveys were conducted round a fresh water lake, previously a salted lagoon, in the south of bénin and leaded to measure prevalence of schistosomiasis. 23 percent of population were found positive for schistosoma haematobium and 13.4 percent for s. mansoni. prevalences were different from locality to locality according to beach variations, but mean of parasite density was quite constant. males were significantly more infected than females and young adults were m ...19902126751
[reduced morbidity of schistosomiasis: report from an expert workshop on the control of schistosomiasis held at cermes (15-18 february 2000, niamey, niger)].schistosomiasis remains a problem for public health in sub-saharan africa. despite past efforts, cases have not decreased significantly. schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni are endemic in all the west african countries. the distribution of both parasites is focal. during a workshop held at cermes in niamey, in february 2000, a group of experts recommended that schistosomiasis control be considered as a public health priority in all the endemic west african countries, and national control prog ...200011775324
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