seasonality of chesapeake bay bacterioplankton species.bacteria, gamma-subclass of proteobacteria, vibrio-photobacterium, vibrio vulnificus, vibrio cholerae-vibrio mimicus, and vibrio cincinnatiensis in water samples collected from the choptank river in chesapeake bay from 15 april to 16 december 1996 were enumerated using a fluorescent oligonucleotide direct-counting (fodc) procedure. fodc results obtained using a bacteria taxon-specific probe ranged from one-third the number of to the same number as that obtained by the acridine orange direct coun ...200212406742
bacteria of the gamma-subclass proteobacteria associated with zooplankton in chesapeake bay.the seasonal abundance of gamma-subclass proteobacteria, vibrio-photobacterium, vibrio cholerae-vibrio mimicus, vibrio cincinnatiensis, and vibrio vulnificus in the choptank river of chesapeake bay associated with zooplankton was monitored from april to december 1996. large (>202- microm) and small (64- to 202- microm) size classes of zooplankton were collected, and the bacteria associated with each of the zooplankton size classes were enumerated by fluorescent oligonucleotide direct count. larg ...200212406743
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