seasonal distribution of facultatively enteropathogenic vibrios (vibrio cholerae, vibrio mimicus, vibrio parahaemolyticus) in the freshwater of the elbe river at hamburg.between june 1981 and december 1982 the incidence of vibrio cholerae, v. mimicus and v. parahaemolyticus was determined at two sampling sites on the elbe river at hamburg. a total of 183 strains was isolated from 147 water samples. of these, 107 belonged to non-01 v. cholerae (ten strains producing a cholera-like enterotoxin); 33 were identified as v. mimicus, including two enterotoxin producers; 42 strains were kanagawa-negative cultures of v. parahaemolyticus; and one was v. fluvialis. the hig ...19863722029
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