molecular mechanism of an ecotropic mulv restriction gene akvr-1/fv-4 in california wild mice. 19863015498
Intellectual property. Dispute over lab notebooks lands researcher in jail. 201122144589
naturally occurring murine leukemia viruses in wild mice: characterization of a new "amphotropic" class.a new class of murine leukemia viruses, isolated from wild mus musculus trapped in california, is described. these viruses, designated "amphotropic," replicate in mouse, rabbit, mink, human, guinea pig, and rat cells, but not in hamster, quail, or duck cells. they show n-tropism for mouse cells, and do not trigger the xc cell response. they are distinct by interference and virus neutralization testing from the previously recognized mouse-tropic and xenotropic mulv classes. mouse-tropic viruses o ...197659816
genetic control of retroviral disease in aging wild mice.different populations of wild mice (mus musculus domesticus) in los angeles and ventura counties were observed over their lifespan in captivity for expression of infectious murine leukemia virus (mulv) and murine mammary tumor virus (mmtv) and for the occurrence of cancer and other diseases. in most populations of feral mice these indigenous retroviruses were infrequently expressed and cancer seldom occurred until later in life (> 2 years old). mmtv was found in the milk of about 50% of wild mic ...19938125269
Researcher who linked chronic fatigue syndrome to mouse virus is arrested. 201122108469
amphotropic host range of naturally occuring wild mouse leukemia murine leukemia virus field isolates (uncloned) from wild mice (musmusculus) of four widely separated areas in southern california show an unusually wide in vitro host range. they replicate well in human, feline, canine, guinea pig, rabbit, rat, and mouse cells, whereas bovine, hamster, and avian cells are resistant. since this host range includes that of both mouse tropic (ecotropic) and xenotropic murine leukemia viruses, they are designated as "amphotropic". no purely xenotropic virus c ...1976181592
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