chlamydia pneumoniae. 19948205921
a seroepidemiologic study of chlamydia pneumoniae in rhode island. evidence of serologic cross-reactivity.although chlamydia pneumoniae is considered a common cause of pneumonia worldwide, the evidence is mainly serologic. therefore, we examined whether the currently used chlamydial microimmunofluorescence (mif) antibody test is specific for c pneumoniae infection.19938325072
investigation of a unique time-space cluster of sarcoidosis in firefighters.a unique cluster of three cases of sarcoidosis developed recently among 10 white firefighters who trained together as apprentices in 1979. this led us to hypothesize that firefighters are at increased risk of this condition because of the combined effect of smoke exposure and infection with a communicable agent, such as chlamydia pneumoniae, a recently proposed cause of sarcoidosis. we conducted a case-finding questionnaire survey of 1,282 active and retired male providence firefighters and poli ...19938214953
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