preeclampsia and chlamydia pneumoniae: is there a link?several parallels exist between preeclampsia and atherosclerosis. both are multifactorial diseases that share risk factors such as obesity, insulin resistance, lipid abnormalities, and elevated serum homocysteine. there are also similarities in the biochemical changes seen in both diseases, including elevated serum triglycerides, decreased hdl cholesterol and enhanced formation of small, dense ldl particles as well as vascular atherosclerotic lesions. chronic infection with chlamydia pneumoniae ...200415369646
circulating chlamydia pneumoniae dna and advanced coronary artery disease.chlamydia pneumoniae (c. pneumoniae) has been linked to atherosclerosis. detection of this pathogen in peripheral blood cells may be valuable in the diagnosis of disease state. this study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of circulating c. pneumoniae dna and its relationship with severity and extent of coronary artery disease (cad).200717023075
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