role of chlamydophila pneumoniae in children hospitalized for community-acquired pneumonia in vienna, recent austrian data are available on the epidemiology and morbidity of chlamydophila pneumoniae (c. pneumoniae) as causative agent in youths and children hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia (cap). these data would serve as a rationale for empiric antimicrobial therapy.200919670403
[epidemiology and morbidity of mycoplasma as causative agent for community-acquired pneumonia in hospitalized children in a community hospital in vienna.]background: epidemiology and morbidity of mycoplasma-associated pneumonia in youths and children in vienna are not known. the first objective was to elucidate the incidence and the second was to evaluate a standard antibiotic regimen with addition of a macrolid in children over 5 years. methods: hospitalized patients were evaluated prospectively during 3 winter seasons. in a clinical routine setting microbiologic tests were performed, nasal secretions were tested for viruses, chlamydia pneumonia ...201020963506
spectrum of pathogens of in-patient children and youths with community acquired pneumonia: a 3 year survey of a community hospital in vienna, actual data are available on the epidemiology and morbidity of community acquired pneumonia (cap) in youths and children in vienna, austria.201324081607
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