chlamydial infection of the respiratory tract.chlamydial infection of the human respiratory tract was first described over 100 years ago, when outbreaks of psittacosis were linked to imported pet birds. the causative organism was identified subsequently as chlamydia psittaci. however, c. pneumoniae, has also been recognised recently as an important cause of human respiratory tract infection. approximately 300 cases of human chlamydial respiratory tract infection are reported to cdsc each year, mainly in adults aged 15 to 44 years. a prospec ...19937693170
chlamydia pneumoniae serology, lung function decline, and treatment for respiratory disease.associations have been reported between chlamydia pneumoniae seropositivity and both acute and chronic obstructive airway diseases. plasma specimens collected between 1979 and 1983 from 1, 773 men 45 to 59 yr of age in caerphilly, south wales, were tested for igg and iga antibodies to c. pneumoniae (tw183) by microimmunofluorescence. subsequent mortality and medication for obstructive airway disease were ascertained at 5-yr follow-up examinations. spirometry was performed at the first and second ...200010673191
the association between deaths from myocardial infarction and household size in england and wales.chronic infection with organisms such as chlamydia pneumoniae is thought to cause coronary heart disease. we investigated whether myocardial infarction deaths are associated with large household size and overcrowding, as these are factors that may facilitate the transmission of infection.200111455848
relation of chlamydia pneumoniae serology to mortality and incidence of ischaemic heart disease over 13 years in the caerphilly prospective heart disease investigate the effect of chlamydia pneumoniae infection on future development of ischaemic heart disease and mortality.199910205100
commentary: chlamydia pneumoniae infection and ischaemic heart disease. 199910336284
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