studies on epizootic iridovirus infection among red sea bream, pagrus major (temminck & schlegel), cultured in taiwan.since 1993, an epizootic viral disease has occurred in net-cage cultured red sea bream, pagrus major (temminck & schlegel), in peng-hu island located on the south-western coast of taiwan. the diseased fish exhibited abnormal swimming and were lethargic, but few visible external signs were observed. the cumulative mortality because of the disease sometimes reached 50-90% over 2 months. histopathogical studies of the affected fish showed enlarged basophilic cells in the gill, kidney, heart, liver ...200312962222
pcr amplification and sequence analysis of the major capsid protein gene of megalocytiviruses isolated in taiwan.viruses belonging to the genus megalocytivirus in the family iridoviridae are one of the major agents causing mass mortalities in marine and freshwater fish in asian countries. outbreaks of iridovirus disease have been reported among various fish species in taiwan. however, the genotypes of these iridoviruses have not yet been determined. in this study, seven megalocytivirus isolates from four fish species: king grouper, epinephelus lanceolatus (bloch), barramundi perch, lates calcarifer (bloch) ...200919460084
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