potential mosquito vectors of arboviruses in portugal: species, distribution, abundance and west nile infection.circulation of west nile virus in portugal was demonstrated by serological surveys, and the virus was isolated in 1969 from anopheles maculipennis s.l. a survey of the whole country was carried out (2001-2004) to assess the abundance of mosquito species and to screen them for arbovirus infection. a total of 770 collections yielded 32460 mosquitoes of 15 species. the regions with the highest abundance of mosquitoes were the coastal and estuarine districts of santarém, setúbal and faro. culex pipi ...200818455742
mosquito surveys and west nile virus screening in two different areas of southern portugal, 2004-2007.longitudinal mosquito surveys were carried out in southern portugal from 2004 to 2007, in a wetland area (comporta, district of setúbal) and around the perimeter of a dam irrigation plant that created the largest artificial lake in europe, 250 km(2) (alqueva, districts of evora and beja). our aim was to study the diversity, abundance, and seasonal dynamics of mosquitoes, comparing these two different areas, to screen mosquitoes for west nile virus (wnv), an arboviral agent already detected in po ...201020854020
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