elephant shrews as hosts of immature ixodid ticks.two hundred and seventy-three elephant shrews, consisting of 193 elephantulus myurus, 67 elephantulus edwardii and 13 animals belonging to other species, were examined for ixodid ticks at 18 localities in south africa and namibia. the immature stages of ixodes rubicundus, rhipicentor nuttalli, rhipicephalus warburtoni and a rhipicephalus pravus-like tick were the most numerous of the 18 tick species recovered. substantial numbers of immature rhipicephalus arnoldi, rhipicephalus distinctus and rh ...200516562732
an undescribed rhipicephalus species associated with field paralysis of angora goats.paralysis of angora goat kids caused by adult ticks, which most probably belong to an undescribed species of the rhipicephalus pravus group, is described. confirmed cases of paralysis occurred in the south-western orange free state between the second half of september and the first half of november as well as during the first half of february. the mean female tick burdens (mean = 21.4) of paralysed angora kids were significantly higher than those of healthy kids (mean = 4.4). the predilection at ...19883361560
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